Home Packing

Home Packing

professional home packing

Charleston Professional Packing Services

Each great move starts with everything being packed as efficiently and carefully as possible. When you request packing services in Charleston, SC, our lead packer will come to your home, walk through and discuss with you your packing needs. Any specialty items will be reviewed and determined how they can best be handled. Our packing team can provide services for just certain areas of your home – the kitchen and dining room are popular requests for packing – or we can pack your entire home.

We know that between work, children and your daily schedule - finalizing the packing of your household items can be a huge challenge. With our professional packing services you can say goodbye to that last minute stress! Don’t let your move date sneak up on you, we can get you prepared!

Did you know that hiring a packer can actually save you money? You won't have to take time off from work and the better prepared you are when the movers arrive, the less time your move will take!

Home Packing Rates

Home packing rates vary by the job. Outside of packing costs, the only other fess are packing materials – as an additional convenience to you, we bring all the boxes and materials. Get scheduled today!