Questions & Answers

How Do We Price Moves

We are strictly hourly rate based and will not give quotes or estimates due to the fact there are many external factors that are outside of our control to determine the length of the move (ex:level of preparation, having more/less needing to have done by your actual moving day, etc.) 

We avoid doing this because many people are being told from other places that their move will be a certain dollar amount to bait them into reserving and then the day of the move once everything is on the truck, it ends up being double then what was originally quoted. Nobody likes that! We just have our promised rate and stick to that.

The only thing we charge for is the hourly rate, the travel allowance, and the moving truck (if needed.)

Items of certain weight or value (upright pianos, safes, exercise equipment, or anything that exceeds about 250lbs or more) are examined before reservation to see if separate pricing is needed.

Tips and Advice to Save Time and Money

Having everything boxed up and ready to be moved by the day our team arrives, saves a ton of time and money. Along with having beds disassembled and all electronics disconnected properly. Loose end items (ex: garage & shed items, children's toys, etc.) properly packed or organized, will save a ton of space of the moving truck and also time & money for you!

Do I Need an In Home Estimate

We do not need to come out physically to see your home before your move. Thankfully technology has made so many things possible today, and this being one! We allow you to submit photos of each room or completing our inventory template we provide before your move, allows us to know exactly how many movers and about how long we will need to schedule your move for. 

Homes of 3,500+ sq feet sometimes we will request to have a team member come by and walk through everything with you. Any special request or specialty items of extreme weight or value, we will have someone come out to examine and confirm. 

What Factors Affect My Moving Cost?

Your size of inventory, needing a moving truck or not, additional time of needing to assist in disassembling and reassembling furniture, structure of living place or storage facility that may include stairs, elevator availability, and distance between all locations are factors that will usually have a influence of moving time.

What We Are Responsible For:

We are responsible for the furniture and the items that we move in the condition we found them in. We can assist in disassembling and reassembling beds, if requested before hand and approved, but have the customer to double check and fasten everything before use for liability reasons. We are responsible for the items that we load and unload while onsite, once we leave the premises we cannot be responsible for anything afterwards that was out of our handling but will make sure that we make sure everything looks and works in the best condition possible as it was when we arrived. We have limited liability for the contents of boxes we did not pack. If obvious mishandling from our end, then of course we are responsible for it and will take care of that!

How Do I Reserve My Move?

We do all of our reservations online to make sure you have documentation and a full explanation of pricing, your move dates, and other important material on file. 

Once you submit an inquiry, we will send you the pricing breakdown for your move via email. When confirmed that you would like to reserve your move date, we send you just a template requesting information and details for your moving day that will be submitted for your reservation payment form of $20. Once that is completed, you are all set. If you have any questions or trouble doing so along the way, we are always happy to speak with you on the phone and help you with the process and answer any questions you may have! 

What Payments Do You Accept?

Check, cash, and cards are accepted for payment once move is completed.